“You are a wonderful facilitator Seamus. I loved your relaxed style and sense of humour, and it felt like your knowledge and experience commanded respect and held all our diverse personalities together as a group beautifully.”  Monica (Online MBSR participant)

“I found the course enjoyable and stimulating (and occasionally quite moving).  And yourself [Seamus] an exemplary tutor: that rare combination – very professional and very approachable. Funny too! ”  Joe (Online MBSR participant)

“I found Seamus a gentle and compassionate mindfulness teacher, who showed great insight as he shared the practice and started myself and the others in my mindfulness class on our journey.  I’d strongly recommend his work.”  Alice (MBSR participant)

“I would encourage anyone that finds life stressful to do this course. Let Seamus teach you the art of living in the moment in a friendly environment from his professional experience.”  Andrew (MBSR participant)

“Very approachable and friendly teacher. I like the slow pace of speaking during the practice. You can tell that the teacher is very invested in the practice of mindfulness and cares genuinely about whether or not the class take on the practices and make a difference in their life… very pleasant and informative course, I would certainly recommend it to others.”  Aileen (Online MBSR participant)

“I’m glad I took this course. It brought me back to a practice I really enjoy & benefit from.”  Nora (Online MBSR participant)

“I always very much enjoy Seamus’s meditation sessions. I appreciate the gentle, non judgmental way in which he facilitates the sessions. I have recommended Seamus to several of my friends and would have no hesitation in recommending his  excellent facilitation skills and deep knowledge on meditation. He also regularly shares resources with us. Most importantly, the sessions are very enjoyable, peaceful and worthwhile and I get a lot out of them for my soul.”  Rose (MBSR participant)

“The meditations in all of the sessions were great. All [the sessions] were very enjoyable and interesting.”  Lindsay (Online MBSR participant)

“I would highly recommend your course. You have a very gentle approach to teaching mindfulness and your love of poetry opened up another avenue of mindfulness for myself.”  Susan (MBSR participant)

“I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your course and I thought you were a superb teacher. These was a lovely ease about our weekly classes (and the Saturday) and I felt no pressure to have to do anything or speak when I didn’t want. We were a diverse group yet you managed to bring us all together mindfully!”  Siobhan (MBSR participant)

“It was a commitment but well worthwhile. I found the experience enjoyable as well.”  Larry (MBSR participant)

“The eight week MBSR course given by Seamus was like a ship navigating the present moment with a steady assured hand.” Bernadette (MBSR participant)